A Grateful Universe

Here is a charming and thoughtful article from 13.7 cosmos & culture about time, chaos, tidy desks and the remarkable gift we bring to the universe.


"...your efforts to tidy up that desk are doomed to failure. But in that very act of trying you embody life's most essential victory.

Even the effort of your cells doing their moment-to-moment work, purging their innards of poisons, allows life to create astonishing islands of order. Each of our bodies, each of our lives, represents a triumph. Life is order and structure hammered out, for just a time, to give the blind universe its sight.

Yes, in time, our lives must give way to entropy's demand for chaos. But with every act of creation — from the songs we write for collected voices to the meals we bake for our families — we turn back the tide. And for this, we can only imagine, the universe must be grateful."

Full article here.