A Place Called Fear

This is a blog that is, in part, dedicated to the notion that we need to tend to the places where we live - both in the physical realities of our communities and environment as well as in the cyber realities we are crafting. However, we also inhabit psychic spaces. We create architecture and place out of emotions and desires.

Sadly, it seems we now inhabit the Terror Dome of fear referenced in this article.

We have been driven both by the terrorists and those who exploit their inhumanity into houses of anxiety where borderline hysterics feed us a steady diet of fear.

The disgusting and abhorrent videos of ISIS, produced by a handful of deranged inquisitors / executioners, have driven a mighty nation of 300+ million into a state of panic. As this article suggests, they did this on the cheap as a marketing strategy knowing that our over-wrought reaction would secure their "brand." And of course, the usual suspects here at home were happy to play puppet to the terrorists' agenda.

Really pathetic.

Here is a quote from the article:

...Inside the American Terrordome, the chorus of hysteria-purveyors, Republican and Democrat alike, nattered on, as had been true for weeks, about the “direct,” not to say apocalyptic, threat the Islamic State and its caliph posed to the American way of life. These included Sen. Lindsey Graham (“This president needs to rise to the occasion before we all get killed here at home”); Majority Leader John Boehner, who insisted that we should consider putting American boots on Iraqi and perhaps even Syrian ground soon, since “they intend to kill us”; Sen. Dianne Feinstein, who swore that “the threat ISIS poses cannot be overstated”; Sen. Bill Nelson, who commented that “it ought to be pretty clear when they… say they’re going to fly the black flag of ISIS over the White House that ISIS is a clear and present danger.” And a chorus of officials, named and anonymous, warning that the terror danger to the country was “imminent,” while the usual set of pundits chirped away about the potential destruction of our way of life.

The media, of course, continued to report it all with a kind of eyeball-gluing glee. The result... 71 percent of Americans believed ISIS had nothing short of sleeper cells in the U.S. (shades of “Homeland”!) and at least the same percentage, if not more (depending on which poll you read), were ready to back a full-scale bombing campaign, promptly launched by the Obama administration, against the group.

If, however, you took a step out of the overwrought American universe of terror threats for 30 seconds, it couldn’t have been clearer that everyone in the grim netherworld of the Middle East now seemed to have our number. The beheading videos of the Islamic State had clearly been meant to cause hysteria on the cheap in this country—and they worked. Those first two videos somehow committed us to a war now predicted to last for years, and a never-ending bombing campaign that we know perfectly well will establish the global credentials of the Islamic State and its mad caliph in jihadist circles. (In fact, the evidence is already in. From North Africa to Afghanistan to Pakistan, the group is suddenly a brand name, its black flag something to hoist, and its style of beheading something to be imitated.)