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A Top Ten List (that we don't want to be on.)

Yes, Austin has made another top ten list. But this is one we don't want to be on. From The Atlantic; America's most segregated cities, by income.


In 1970, roughly two-thirds (65 percent) of Americans lived in neighborhoods that could be described as middle income; today that number is just slightly more than four in ten (42 percent), according to a study by Cornell University’s Kendra Bischoff and Sean Reardon of Stanford University. Over the same time span, the proportion of families living in affluent neighborhoods rose from 7 to 15 percent, and the share living in poor neighborhoods increased from 8 to 18 percent. The share of Americans living at both extremes grew from 15 percent in 1970 to 33 percent in 2009.

...As middle class neighborhoods have declined, America’s economic landscape is increasingly polarized.