Both Sides In The Culture War Are Serving The Interests Of Elites

Man, does this article really nail it! Peek behind the hyper ventitlating curtain of the culture wars and you see a cool and calculated power grab by those who don't give a damn about all of that Christianist vs. Progressive moralism. While the nation has been divided into opposing teams that still chant and rage at one another, the culture wars were won a long time ago by those who couldn't give a damn about abortion, gay marriage, and Merry Christmas.


"...the culture war turns politics into a question of identity, of tribalism, and hence narrows the effective choice in elections. We no longer vote for the person who better represents our interests, but for the person who talks our talk, sees the world the way we do, is one of us. That contest is a cheap and easy one for politicians of any stripe to enter – and, usually, an easy one to win. It sorts the overwhelming majority of the population into easy-to-count-on camps who will not demand that politicians do anything for them, because they’re too afraid the hated “other team” might get into power.

And it’s a good basis for politics from the perspective of economic elites. If the battle between Left and Right is fundamentally over social questions like abortion and gay marriage, then it is not fundamentally over questions like who is making a killing off of government policies and who is getting screwed."