Broccoli Hall - Amenia, NY

Located in the tiny - yet garden rich - hamlet of Amenia, New York, Broccoli Hall is the creation of Homeowner, Maxine Petro and Horticulturist Tim Steinhoff. A whimsical take on a classic English cottage garden, Broccoli Hall's strong garden "bones" are off-set by exuberant plantings and charming personal touches. A geometric courtyard and leafy parterre lead visitors to paths terminating in a woodlands garden inhabited by friendly (sculpted) bears. The harmonious blend between the garden and the rustic setting makes for a playful and inviting experience. Keep Amenia Weird (and wonderful!) Thanks, Maxine!

I visited Broccoli Hall when it was open to the public courtesy of The Garden Conservancy's Open Days program, "the best garden-visiting program in America." Learn more about Open Days here.

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  • 2016MayBrocHallTunnelExt.jpg
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  • 2016MayBrocHallCattxt.jpg
  • 2016MayBrocHallCottageGardentxt.jpg
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  • 2016BrocHallBirdBathtxt.jpg
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  • 2016MayBrocHallShedtxt.jpg

Broccoli Hall - Garden Conservancy Open Days Tour

Amenia, NY