Butterflies that Bite

My friend, Richard Louv, has written extensively about the "Nature Deficit Disorder" affecting American youth. His work served as the inspiration for several of the autobiographical essays that you will find here on Dry Creek Bed.

This article, from 13.7 Cosmos and Culture, points outs the sad disconnect between nature and our kids.


A children's adventure garden, a $62 million education center focused on earth and life sciences, is about to open in Texas at the Dallas Arboretum. Maria Conroy, the Arboretum's vice president and the driving force behind the garden, told The New York Times last week that, because Dallas is an urban jungle without much green space, some children there are afraid of nature:

"We have watched many times a butterfly come flying at a group of 10-year-olds, and they scream and duck because they're afraid it's going to sting or bite them. If you don't live where there are flowers, you don't see butterflies."

Conroy went on to mention the children's fear of squirrels and bees, as well.

Full article here.