Copperheads Garden - Dover Plains, New York

Copperheads is an impressive property sitting on a slope with views of the Berkshire Mountain foothills. Built in the early nineteenth century, the Greek Revival home has been carefully restored by the current owner. I loved the sinuous handrails on the front porch that evoke the property's namesake.

The house is bordered by a series of garden rooms that are influenced by English garden design. An enclosed perennial garden frames views to the hills beyond and a boxwood parterre serves as the geometric setting for a kitchen garden. Behind the home, paths lead through a gorgeous woodlands garden and beyond. Naturalistic gardens like Copperheads' woodlands are difficult to orchestrate, but strolling the paths here was a great pleasure - everything seemed balanced, in-place and yet soothingly natural. A wonderful surprise was a floating woodlands bouquet that one of the gardeners had created using a sealed pot at the top of the woodlands path. Simply gorgeous!

I visited Copperheads when it was open to the public courtesy of The Garden Conservancy's Open Days program, "the best garden-visiting program in America." Learn more about Open Days here.

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