Embracing The Ability To Just Sit There

Via Andrew Sullivan - a funny and sadly true post about why the intrusion of technology into our quiet moments matters. Don't miss the mini-debate after the video of comedian Louis C.K..

Is texting on your cellphone really different from listening to your car radio? What is standing between us and the quiet, reflective time that allows us to come to terms with being human / being dust?

"I had heard of you with my ears, but now my eyes have seen you. I shall be quiet then, comforted that I am dust." - Job


"Today there is no more potent contrivance than the mass distraction of cell phones. This is no anti-technological rant—all of our tools have purpose and can be used for good reason. The reasons we justify, however, need to be questioned. As an avoidance of silence, we’re never going to be able to reckon with loneliness. That’s a shame. So much is learned in the quiet space." - Derek Beres

"Are these old-fashioned modes of entertainment and distraction any less pernicious than the ones we have today? C.K.’s own example mixes the old technology with new. He had the urge to text his friends, he says, while listening to music in his car; his smartphone distracted him from the radio. But what if C.K. had been sitting there in blessed silence, staring out across the open road and contemplating his own mortality? Why did he have to clog the gaping quiet with classic rock? What made his phone distracting, and his radio a source of sadness and joy?" - Daniel Engber

(Illustration depicts Job - by William Blake)