Fall Color in Austin

Here is a photo album capturing some of the late fall foliage display here in Austin. All but one of these images come from my garden - the exception is a tree I planted in a park 26 years ago.

Many people are surprised to learn that you can have fall color in Texas, but we have aa number of native plants that can be very showy at this time of year. The peak of our "fall" comes in early December. Plants include: Bigtooth Maple, Prairie Flame Leaf Sumac, Rusty Blackhaw Viburnum, Mexican Buckeye, Bur Oak, and Crape Myrtle.

  • 2015DecemberGardenGoldenMapleSkyTxt.jpg
  • 2015December18RedMapleLeavesB.jpg
  • 2015DecewmberFlameLeafSumac.jpg
  • 2015DecemberGardenSumacWide.jpg
  • 2015DecemberGardenGoldMaple5Btxt.jpg
  • 2015December12RBViburnumtxtb.jpg
  • 2015December12RedMapletxt.jpg
  • 2015December12ZuniCMtxt.jpg
  • 2015DecemberGardenMapleContrastTxtb.jpg
  • 2015DecemberGardenMxBuckeyeXCU.jpg
  • 2015DecemberGardenMapletxt.jpg
  • 2015DecemberBurOaktxt.jpg

Autumn Display 2015