Kykuit - Sleepy Hollow, NY

Kykuit, in Sleepy Hollow, New York, was the home of J. D. Rockefeller, founder of the Rockefeller dynasty. Touring the gardens has been on my "list" since the 1980's when I read an article about the spectacular setting with its beautiful views of the Hudson, the variety of gardens, and the impressive art collection of J.D's grandson, former U.S. Vice President and long-time New York Governor, Nelson Rockefeller. and his wife, Happy.

I finally made it, and my visit to Kykuit was one of the highlights of my recent Hudson Valley tour - it did not disappoint. I wish I could have spent twice the time touring the grounds and the art collection. I will make it back at some point. Really incredible!

  • 2016MayKykuitEntryLamptxt.jpg
  • 2016MayKykuitHometxt.jpg
  • 2016MayKykuitMaillolSculpturetxt.jpg
  • 2016MayKykuitMaillol2txt.jpg
  • 2016MayKykuitCourtyardSeatedStatue.jpg
  • 2016MayKykuitTerraceSculpturetxt.jpg
  • 2016MayKykuitStream2painttxt.jpg
  • 2016MayKykuitColumbineStreamtxt.jpg
  • 2016MayKykuitNoguchitxt.jpg
  • 2016MayKykuitSeaHorseFountaintxt.jpg
  • 2016MayKykuitGrottoCUtxt.jpg
  • 2016MayKykuitHerbParterretxt.jpg
  • 2016MayKykuitKidsCornertxt.jpg
  • 2016MayKykuitLoversTerracetxt.jpg
  • 2016MayKykuitMariniRivertxt.jpg
  • 2016MayKykuitRestingNudeRivertxt.jpg
  • 2016MayKykuitMaze2.jpg
  • 2016MayKykuitPicasoGrouptxt.jpg
  • 2016MayKykuitPergolaViewtxt.jpg