Mead Farmhouse Garden - Amenia, NY

Mead Farm House is another stunning private garden in Amenia, New York. I was checking in at the entrance during the recent Garden Conservancy Open Days Tour, when I heard a familiar voice say, "Tom Spencer!" As it turns out, an old friend and colleague from KLRU-TV, Jodi MacDougal, is the niece of the garden's creator and she was on hand to help with the tour. Talk about coincidences - I was 1500 miles from home in a tiny hamlet in New York - and a genuine friend is on hand to greet me! I received a private tour of the historic home and happily roamed the 250+ year old grounds.

The Mead Farmhouse garden features sweeping naturalistic plantings that lead your eye across the property. Highlights include a beautiful bog garden and a series of quiet places to sit and contemplate the landscape including a terrace that makes use of an old silo foundation. A gorgeous place. Thanks for the surprise and hospitality, Jodi!

Learn more about the Garden Conservancy here and look for an Open Days tour in your area!

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Mead Farmhouse Garden

Amenia, New York