Post Human

Disturbing. Very disturbing. Here is an essay that asks the question, "Should Science End Humanity?" Given our rush to embrace technology the question might be, "When will science end humanity?"

Technologists point to a perfect super intelligent trans or post-human human freed of physical constraints. Meanwhile, back here in the gene pool we remain the same flawed creatures we have always been, as prone to violence and mayhem as we are to civility and compassion. What will super intelligence look like if it inherits original sin?


From physical form (there will be many possibilities) to culture and behavior, it's hard to even imagine how alien our post-human progeny might seem to us or us to them. Given the likelycompleteness of the post-human transformation, how ready are we to be so completely replaced? It's a question that has to be on the table because we are, as a culture, rapidly pushing the enabling technologies forward right now.

So even in the most optimistic scenario, does the end of human suffering have to mean the end of human kind (at least this version)?