Rambling Down Another Dry Creek Bed

From Joel Weishaus / Beginner's Mind:

"It's a ten minute walk to the trailhead, past the kaleidoscopic floral arrays in front of neighbors' homes, past the storefront Aikido dojo, the Italian restaurant, the Mexican grocery and laundromat, past a Jesus Lives sign, and a ranch's horses carrying rich young kids trot in wary circles.

Where Cézanne's Mont Sainte-Victoire is burned by the same dazzling sun as Van Gogh's golden fields, a woman on horseback looks down and says: "You're gonna have a good day: a roadrunner just crossed your path."

Few brains, topped

By a crown—

And a flair for swift in-fighting—

[P. Whalen. From, "The Road-Runner"]

A slight jolt, and I wonder how many invisible beings have, without my knowledge, crossed my path.

When the First People arrived here thousands of years ago they lived off the land, both cuisine- and spirit-wise. But the marks they left, the signs and symbols they painted so brilliantly on rocks in nearby places, are not evident here. So I'll try to see what cannot be seen, and say what cannot be said."