The Best Place(s) Where We Live...

Here is a short reflection about all of those "Best Places" lists we see in magazines and on the web. (From Christie Aschwanden at The Last Word on Nothing)


My little town will never make one of those glossy magazines’ best places lists, and I’m grateful. The thing about those lists is that they attract the kind of people who expect a place to serve them, but this is backwards thinking. The best places are those with a devoted population.

It has taken me most of my life to learn how to inhabit a place, and I did not glean this lesson from any list. I’ve fallen irreparably in love with my little town by accepting it for what it is and forgiving it for what it isn’t. My community and its people aren’t perfect, but they’re perfect enough. If I want this place to become better, it’s up to me to make it so.