The Kingdom of Heaven

For many years, my favorite Biblical quote has been a brief passage from The Gospel of Thomas:

"When will the Kingdom come?" asked the disciples.

Jesus replied, "It will not come if you look for it. Neither can you say, it is here, or, it is there. For the Kingdom of the Father is already spread out over the earth but people do not see it."

Was Jesus referring to the power within us or the majesty of creation? Both?

Here is a brief reflection on the transforming power of the Kingdom of creation. via OnEarth


"...the kingdom of heaven isn’t some plane in another dimension, understandable only through symbols and reachable only upon death. The kingdom of heaven ishere on earth. The natural paradise that surrounds us is our true home, both physically and spiritually. It’s the mysterious marine ecosystem that protected Noah; the mountaintop from which Moses received and dispensed his epochal code; the desert that tested and transformed Jesus. And this heaven-on-earth, the Holy Spirit revealed to me during that short walk, is still capable of taking care of us, of sharing its wisdom, of transforming. But if we’re to partake in all the glorious gifts it would bestow, we must acknowledge its sacredness. Every plastic six-pack ring that makes its way to the ocean, every gallon of toxic waste that leaches into an estuary, every tenth-of-a-degree rise in average global temperatures represents another step away from the garden—and another step toward something that I don’t hesitate to identify as perdition."