The Onion Nails It (via FPR)

Check out this posting from Mark Mitchell at Front Porch Republic

"The inimitable Onion once again shows how satire should be done. Title: 'Unambitious Loser with Happy, Fulfilling Life Still Lives in Hometown.' There is much to pity."

Longtime acquaintances confirmed to reporters this week that local man Michael Husmer, an unambitious 29-year-old loser who leads an enjoyable and fulfilling life, still lives in his hometown and has no desire to leave.

Claiming that the aimless slouch has never resided more than two hours from his parents and still hangs out with friends from high school, sources close to Husmer reported that the man, who has meaningful, lasting personal relationships and a healthy work-life balance, is an unmotivated washout who’s perfectly comfortable being a nobody for the rest of his life.