Unruly Children of Earth

A short reflection on Mother and Father's days (in the cosmological sense.)

via Cosmos&Culture


We don't celebrate our collective mother Earth enough. We are too lost in our tribal differences and disputes to look at the core of who we are. We are ungrateful children, the kind we don't want for ourselves, disrespectful of our parents, the kind that once they leave home never look back.

There is a difference, however, and a crucial one. We can't leave our collective home. When we try, we quickly realize how much we need it. (The movie Gravity comes to mind.)

We could find substitute mothers out there, already Earth-like planets or terraformable worlds we could shape in our home-planet's image. (See Barbara King's article for 13.7 last week.) But as it is also true for our flesh-and-blood mothers, even when stepmothers are great (like mine), they are never just like the real one.

So, rather then looking out there in space for solutions to our current mess, we should start working to mend our ways right here.

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