Videos & Digital Artifacts

Free Range Child

Here is a nice reflection on raising sustainable children (down on the farm.)

Wendell Berry: Farmer, Sage, Radical?

Bill Moyers interviews / profiles one of my heroes: Wendell Berry

Forest Man

Now here is an inspiring story about a commitment to place. One man's forest - planted one tree or seed at a time.

The Unseen Universe

Desert Breath



Just Discovered: Mutual Benefit


Ghosts of Evolution

Pretty cool and very interesting. Did you know the Texas native Osage Orange (like the plants described in this video) evolved to take advantage of with other "ghosts of evolution"? Yep: mammoths and giant sloths. In Texas (but not in the capitol.)


Your Morning Moment

Incredible animation.

Vertical Emptiness (Virtual Winter)

A meditative look at the work of Japanese artist Onishi Yasuaki.

Lost & Found

The Art of Junk - delightful creations.

The Place(s) Where We Work (or something)

Ummm. Fun!

Gratitude: It Bears Repeating

A different video interpretation of "A Good Day" With Brother David Steindl-Rast. (See earlier TED posting featuring Louie Schwartzberg.)

Check out my own video reflection on gratitude here.

Creating Places with Light

James Turrell's installation at the Museum of Fine Arts in Houston is one of my favorite places in Texas. Walking through it is both thrilling and, at the same time, calming.

Orientation: The Big Picture Effect

"All things are linked with each other, and bound together with a sacred bond: Scarce is there one thing quite foreign to another. They are all arranged together in their proper places, and jointly adorn the same world. There is one orderly graceful disposition of the whole." - Marcus Aurelius

Black Moon

  • From one of my favorite bands: Wilco
  • "Black Moon"
  • I was always right
  • About the morning
  • Okay, I'm an old shoe
  • Danced above the blaze
  • Never stopped crawling
  • Over the black dunes
  • And I'm waiting for you
  • Waiting forever
  • Are you awake now, too?
  • I'm always one
  • Without a warning
  • Old days re-appear
  • Lift away, past the gate
  • Desert keeps forming
  • Underneath The black moon
  • And I'm waiting for you
  • Waiting forever
  • Are you awake now, too?

Found: An over-looked musical treasure.

Here is a brief excerpt from Luigi Boccherini's "Night Music of Madrid" series. One of my favorite classical compositions. Boccherini's music has experienced a renaissance after this piece was used in the concluding scene of the movie "Master and Commander." The full piece can be heard here, it has strikingly modern elements as well as the romance you would associate with 18th century Madrid. Boccherini was an Italian composer who was employed by the Spanish royal court.

On Cultivating Gratitude - from TED

Simply beautiful and so in line with what Dry Creek Bed is all about.

Where We Live: A House Made of Windows

This is a really lovely portrait of two artists and their home which seems to have grown from their mutual love and respect for their inheritance.

Oba Chan

A lovely portrait of a perfectly ordinary yet extraordinary person who has spent a lifetime cultivating gratitude and roots.

Outrospection & Empathy

Cultivating your curiosity about other people.

The Pixel Painter

More Re: Scale


we are stardust...

Global warming year by year.

Climate change is now happening at a rate not seen in 65 million years.

Sound and Vision

A remarkable version of David Bowie's "Sound and Vision" by the ever-resourceful Beck. Probably the coolest place to have been in the universe for the 9 minutes in which this unfolded. Wow.

Your morning cup and global warming.

The Unseen Sea

Time and mist in one of my favorite places: San Francisco.

The Beatitudes (Martynov)

I first encountered this lovely piece of music through the Kronos Quartet's beautiful instrumental version of it. I have listened to their version dozens of times in recent weeks. I found this vocal version this morning. A great piece to use for focused meditation. Enjoy.

Re: Wonder and the Hubble Ultra Deep Field Experiment

When thinking about our place in the universe - it helps to have a little scale - and the humility to accept it.

Who was walking down Johnson Creek 14,000 years ago?

The edge of the Balcones Escarpment has been a popular place for many thousands of years.

Last Child in the Woods - with Richard Louv

Here is a piece I produced for KLRU-TV, PBS, Austin, some years ago about my friend Richard Louv and his work about the "nature deficit disorder" affecting American youth.