Wethersfield Garden - Dutchess County, NY

I visited seven or eight spectacular gardens when I was in New York recently - most of them located in Dutchess County, where I grew up. As luck would have it, the Garden Conservancy was having one of its "Open Days" tours when I was there and I spent an entire day making the rounds.

Over the course of the coming days, I will post about each of the gardens I visited in the order that I experienced them. This is the first, Wethersfield, in Amenia, NY. Wethersfield has 10 acres of formal garden spaces that serve as a romantic and classical counterpoint to the lush natural surroundings. Situated on one of the highest points in the area, the garden is designed to provide beautiful views of the rolling countryside, The garden is open to the public for visitation during the warmer months - try to visit if you can!

  • 2016MayWethersfieldTempleAxistxt.jpg
  • 2016MayWethersfieldTemple2txt.jpg
  • 2016MayWethersfieldTerraceWidetxt.jpg
  • 2016MayWethersfieldWideViewtxt.jpg
  • 2016MayWethersfieldCrossAxis2txt.jpg
  • 2016MayWethersfieldAxisUrntxt.jpg
  • 2016MayWethersfieldCrossAxistxt.jpg
  • 2016MayWethersfieldHorseStatuetxt.jpg
  • 2016MayWethersfieldLongViewtxt.jpg
  • 2016MayWethersfieldAzaleaGrottotxt.jpg
  • 2016MayWethersfieldPeacockWidetxt.jpg
  • 2016MayWethersfieldPeacockCUtxt.jpg


A classical garden in Amenia, NY